24. 24 Chicken or Aloo Chat �3.50
Small pieces of chicken with a spicy hot and sour taste

25. Prawn Puree �3.50
Fried prawns in a tasty sauce on top of a poori bread which is a light flakey bread

26. Chicken Pakora �3.90
Chicken deeply fried in gram flour coating

27. Chickem Tikka** �3.90
Pieces of chicken marinated in special sauce, cooked over charcoal

28. Lamb Tikka** �3.90
Pieces of succulent lamb marinated in special sauce, cooked over charcoal

29. Tandoori Chicken** �3.90
Marinated in yogurt and spices

30. Sheek Kebab** �3.50
Lamb minced with onions, special herbs and spices, skewered and barbecued

31. Garlic Mushroom �2.90
Mushrooms cooked in garlic butter

32. Aloo Poori �2.90
Potatoes medium spiced and served with poori

33. Samosas (2pcs) �1.75
Mixed diced vegetables served in triangle of flaky pastry, deep fried vegetable or meat filled with herbs and spices

** Items which are marked with stars are available after 6pm